A type of Catapult which utilizes a counterweight to fire its projectile. An earlier version had a team of men pulling on ropes attached to the short end of the beam. Usually a free-swinging bucket was attached to the short end of the throwing arm, and anything heavy (rocks, dirt, etcetera) was put into the bucket. The long end of the arm was pulled down, raising the bucket, and locked in place. One end of an elongated net was attached to this end of the arm, a rock was placed into the net, and the other end of the net was pulled over the rock and placed on a hook. When the anchoring pin for the arm was released, the weighted bucket swung the arm with great force. At the apex of the long end of the arm the one end of the net came off the hook, and the rock was launched. This weapon could fire a very heavy stone for a long distance with remarkable accuracy. No castle wall could withstand the assault of this weapon. See Catapult and Ballista.

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